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Engleski jezik potiče iz Engleske, a kao maternji koristi se i u drugim državama Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva, SAD-u, Kanadi, Australiji, Južnoj Africi i brojnim drugim zemljama. Engleski je danas najrasprostranjeniji jezik koji se uči kao drugi jezik na svetu. Proverite svoje znanje iz engleskog jezika.
1. I'm hungry. There isn't ________ food in the fridge.
2. James didn't do very ______ in his exams.
3. He was busy _____ his homework.
4. The firm closed down because there wasn't enough demand _____ its products
5. Their football team _____ several times this month.
6. If I were in his position, _____ her a letter.
7. I refused __ money.
8. There are _______ people in my office who are very good at programming.
9. If they had realised how tiring it would be, they ______ other sightseeing arrangements.
10. Tom doesn't mind ______ at night.
11. Could you give me ___ about sightseeing in Dublin?
12. The new computer system _____ next month.
13. I've got _____ time this week to complete the document.
14. The situation is so bad that we can do ______ about it
15. The more I thought about the plan, ______.