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Engleski jezik potiče iz Engleske, a kao maternji koristi se i u drugim državama Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva, SAD-u, Kanadi, Australiji, Južnoj Africi i brojnim drugim zemljama. Engleski je danas najrasprostranjeniji jezik koji se uči kao drugi jezik na svetu. Proverite svoje znanje iz engleskog jezika.
1. _____ at the party, we saw Ruth standing alone.
2. __________ is very alarming.
3. I could _____ much more for the painting if I'd sold it overseas.
4. Write the past continuous: Marie/scan/some documents
5. The next train ___________ platform 2 will be the 5.35 to Leeds.
6. ___ way to get around in Amsterdam is ___ bicycle.
7. You _________ do your homework right away. You __________ it later.
8. If they had realised how tiring it would be, they ______ other sightseeing arrangements.
9. You need _____ into practice _____ you’ve learnt.
10. Libby took another biscuit while her mother _______ .
11. a : "I met Linda's parents yesterday." b : "What _____?"
12. If I ___________ the minister of tourism, I would turn the country into a famous tourist destination. Unfortunately, I am not.
13. It’s no use___________ him to join us, he keeps __________us down.
14. He directed that the building _____.
15. I knew she _______ the washing because when I got home she was ready to go out.