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Design against war

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Ekonomija, bankarstvo i finansije, Sociologija, Psihologija, Marketing i PR, Arhitektura i urbanizam, Informacione tehnologije, Arhitektura, Tehnologija, Antropologija i etnologija, Dizajn , Grafički dizajn, Digitalna umetnost
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Umetnost i dizajn
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EMERGENCY, SOSDesign and Desall invite you to design Spaces, Products and Services to meet lifestyle and medical needs in regions affected by war.


Start creating your inspiration wall using the Inspiration tab and get inspired by the hints of other creatives!


Competition of ideas for Spaces, Products, Services on the needs and desires of life and care in affected areas, devastated and conditioned by war.


Spaces, Products, and Services which would solve, contain, facilitate, sustain, and emphasise the practical, psychological, relational, or cultural aspects of contexts shaped by conflict – this can be severe and widespread conflict, such as those in Afghanistan and Iraq, or more contained, insidious conflicts, like those that can be found in parts of Italy.


Submissions capable of informing a concept (abstract), a solution (practical), or a process (conceptual) that could aid treatment, protection, assistance, preservation, information, analysis, transportation, connection and payment (and so on) in contexts severely affected by war.


For more info:


Contest timeline

  • Deadline: 27th June 2019 (1.59 PM UTC)
  • Community vote: 27th June 2019 - 12th July 2019
  • Jury Vote: from 27th June 2019
  • Winner announcement: approximately by September/October 2019



  • The jury is tasked with announcing the three category winners; a SpaceMouse Award will be presented to the winner of each of the three categories (Spaces, Products and Services).
  • From these three submissions, the jury must also select an overall winner, who will be presented with the Experience Award.
  • The jury will select, where possible, a winner in the Products category, who will be presented with the Prototyping Award.
  • The jury reserves the right to give honorable mentions to any submissions of sufficiently high quality. 


Eligibility and submission

Participation is free of charge and open to designers and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older (at the time of submission). Participants can present one or more projects, but only the projects published on the web site, via the upload page related to “Design against war” will be accepted.





EMERGENCY is an independent and neutral non-governmental organization, founded in Italy in 1994 to provide free, high-quality medical and surgical treatment to victims of war, landmines, and poverty. EMERGENCY promotes a culture of peace, solidarity, and respect for human rights.



SOSDesign is a fundraising and brainstorming programme founded in 2001 by Biba Acquati, Lucio Lazzara and Massimo Bruto Randone, conceived in order to support non-profit organizations such as EMERGENCY.


DESALL is an open innovation platform dedicated to the world of design and innovation, which has decided to support EMERGENCY with this initiative, offering its own resources to allow the project to be carried out in an international context. Desall offers businesses a tool for participatory development, one which involves the global community in the creative process. currently works with over 100,000 creatives from over 200 countries across the world.



Cumulus International Association of University and Colleges of Art, Design and Media is the only organization in the world which offers training and research in the field of art and design. It is a forum for collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and good practice. Cumulus currently works with over 280 members from 56 different countries.



Association for the Industrial Design. “Design against war” is a project by SOSDesign, devised for EMERGENCY and promoted and supported by Desall and Cumulus, under the patronage of ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale - Association for the Industrial Design).


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