Konkurs na temu „Budućnost međunarodnog sistema bezbednosti. Sa ili bez NATO-a?“

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25. 10. 2019

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Osnovne studije, Master studije
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Engleski, Ruski
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The Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the A. Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Support Fund, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, announces a competition of analytical papers on the topic“ The Future of International Security. With or without NATO?”


The task of the competition is to give young scientists interested in professional development as experts in this field an opportunity to make themselves known.


Following the results of the competition, a team of laureates will be formed, which will present its work during the seminar with the participation of leading experts in international security.


Work Content

Essays may contain an analysis of one of the problems of international security, as well as ideas and initiatives aimed at strengthening the pan-European dialogue in the field of security. Each work should indicate the importance of the issue for Russia.



Requirements for candidates

Young scientists (undergraduate students, undergraduates), journalists, diplomats, representatives of any profession (under 35 years old) interested in developing and discussing their ideas in the field of European security.


Requirements for the work:

  • compliance with the thematic focus of the competition,
  • original, unpublished earlier text,
  • scientific style
  • analytical approach
  • obligatory indication of sources and cited literature (footnotes and links), when citing materials posted on the Internet, - an indication of the name of the material, release date, network address, date of last visit to the resource.


Competition working language: Russian / English


Formal requirements: essay language - Russian, English. The volume of material is 3–7 pages, headset Times New Roman, font 12, line spacing - 1.5, spacing between paragraphs, paragraph indent (“red line”) is not done, alignment in width; surname, initials of the author and heading in the center in bold, pagination and bibliography.


Entries submitted to the competition will be reviewed by an expert commission.


According to the results of the competition

  • Participation in a seminar in Moscow. 15 winners will be determined, each of whom will be invited to Moscow to participate in the seminar “The Future of the International Security System. With or without NATO? ”
  • Lectures and consultations of leading Russian experts in the field of Euro-Atlantic security and transnational security challenges. Each participant will be able to consult on the topic of their work with experts.


The cost of participation in the seminar (travel, accommodation, meals on the days of the event), as well as in lectures and consultations will be covered by the Gorchakov Fund.


The deadline for submitting applications (essay submissions) is until October 25, 2019.


Announcement of the results of the competition is until November 10, 2019.


The seminar, lectures and consultations in Moscow will be held on December 8 - 11, 2019.


In case of non-compliance with formal requirements, the organizing committee has the right to reject the application, in case of compliance - reports the acceptance of the application within a week.


To participate in the contest, you must send an essay to e-mail worldsecurity2019@mail.ru with the subject "International Security".


Thematic areas:

  • Features of the modern architecture of Euro-Atlantic security and their impact on regional security
  • International armed intervention as a phenomenon in the field of military-political security
  • Humanitarian intervention and NATO
  • Expansion and reform of NATO and their impact on regional security
  • Evolution of NATO strategy on present stage
  • Relationship "perception" the concept of security to the categories "value", "interests" and "force"
  • New threats in the Euro-Atlantic space and ways of neutrals ization.
  • Russia and NATO: a new paradigm of relations
  • The role and place of the Euro-Atlantic region in the global security system




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