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› 12th International Symposium in Tunisia: Wars, Hope, Despair and Peace in History

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Osnovne studije, Master studije
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Engleski, Francuski, Španski, Arapski
Ekonomija, bankarstvo i finansije, Pravo, Političke nauke, Sociologija, Istorija

Call for papers

The Tunisian-Mediterranean Association for Historical, Social and Economic Studies (TMA for HSES) & The Tunisian World Center for Studies, Research and Development (TWC for SRD) will organize the 12th International Symposium around the theme: Wars, Hope, Despair and Peace in History, on 25, 26 and 27 November 2019.



The theme "Wars, Hope, Despair and Peace in History" can be approached along the following lines: 


1. Making war

  • War and ideology
  • The concept of war, the origin of the phenomenon, the art of war
  • World Wars and regional wars 
  • Imperialist wars
  • Colonial Wars
  • Revolutionary wars, liberation wars
  • Religious wars, holy wars
  • Civil wars, interethnic wars, tribal wars
  • Psychological Wars
  • Cold War
  • Electronic warfare
  • ABC war
  • Total war
  • Asymmetric wars, terrorism, guerrilla warfare, subversive wars Genocides
  • New forms of war: proxy wars (eg in Syria), punctual operations, commandos, targeted air strikes ...,
  • Conduct of war, strategy, tactics, spying
  • Goals of war, expectations of states and societies
  • Life and death of fighters
  • Laws of war, law of war, humanitarian action 


2. Civil society and war

  • Rear control by governments
  • Censorship, propaganda, press and media, police surveillance
  • Hunting for spies, saboteurs, traitors
  • State of mind, trust or despair
  • National Identity, Sacred Union, Patriotism, Nationalism
  • Shortages, rationing, difficulties of daily life
  • Poverty, charity, mutual aid, social action
  • Common law crime in wartime
  • Injured, refugees, displaced, forward- and rear-facing
  • Irruption of fighting in the rear, occupied areas, annexations, violence, hostage-taking, rape
  • Resistance, collaboration, wait-and-seeism
  • Religious and intellectual life
  • Art in the face of war: art at the service of war, art that denounces war
  • The media and the war: photos and articles on the war, working conditions of the journalists...,


3. The economy in time of war 

  • Financing of war, taxation, loans, exchange controls, moratoria
  • Transportation, railways, roads, air and sea, ports, submarine warfare
  • Energy supply
  • Agricultural and industrial production
  • Replacement labor, women, immigrants, prisoners of war
  • Trade, shortages, price increases
  • Fraud, black market, alteration of product quality, speculation, scams
  • Adventurers and new rich
  • Difficulties of owners, savers
  • Social unrest, strikes
  • Tourism, luxury productions
  • The case of occupied or annexed regions, requisitions, impositions, reduction of displacements, forced enlistment, resistance, repression 


4. After the war 

  • War Prices
  • Demographic balance sheet, loss of life, injured, disabled, birth deficit
  • Losses by socio-professional category and region of origin
  • Economic and financial balance, destruction, decline in production, indebtedness, inflation
  • Peace negotiations, treaties, territorial changes, displaced persons, reparations, trials of war criminals
  • Psychological assessment
  • Brutalization, mass movements, pacifism, fascism, spirit of revolt
  • Philosophical and moral reflection, new hopes, despair, decline of rationalism, feelings of the absurdity of the world
  • Progress in techniques, organization of work, medicine
  • Emancipation of women (or not)
  • War and literature, cartoons
  • War and visual arts, painting, engraving, sculpture, war memorials, photography
  • Music in War: Military Music, Classical Music, Songs
  • War, cinema and television
  • Return to the ruins (towns and villages): return or not of the inhabitants, living conditions, restoration of administrative life
  • Reconstruction: its financing, its terms
  • Commemorations: ceremonies and monuments
  • War tourism in the immediate post-war period (visit of graves and battlefields). 


Important dates 

  • June 30, 2019: Deadline for submissions to the following address:
  • July 10, 2019: The selection of papers by the scientific committee will be made public + information on conference registration fees.
  • November 15, 2019: Deadline for sending the Final Text
  • 25, 26, and 27 November 2019: 12th International Symposium in Béja - TUNISIA. 


Terms of submission

  • Individual proposal: a new subject that has not already been published or presented in a scientific symposium.
  • Detailed summary: one page at a minimum (Font: Times New Roman 12; Page: 2.5 cm margin; line spacing: single), with updated scientific C.V.
  • Proposals for papers may be submitted in Arabic, English, French or Spanish.
  • For French or Spanish abstracts, a detailed English translation is required (at least one page: Font: Times New Roman 12, Page: Margins 2.5 cm, Line spacing: simple). 



More information about Symposium and Call for papers you can find here.


Registration form for Symposium is here (english version).


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