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Architecture: Architecture and Urban Design

Politecnico di Milano

Postavljeno: 18.11.2019.

Master studije
Italija, Milano
4 semestra

Architecture and Urban Design

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Architecture: Architecture and Urban Design


Programme duration: 2 years

Campus: Milano Leonardo

School: Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering

Language: English or Italian



A Bachelor Degree in Architecture and a portfolio are mandatory.


From academic year 2020-21 Laurea magistrale programmes under the School of Architecture accept students only in the first semester of the academic year (September intake).

Mission and goals

The programme in Architecture and Urban Design provides students with an advanced training in the field of Architectural Design and develops theoretical, humanistic, artistic and design competences based on the Italian tradition, facing different housing cultures, the new forms and spaces of contemporary cities, the development of new urban settlements in developing countries, the innovation in building techniques and environmental sustainability. The educational path meets adequately the increasing need to face the complexity of problems and the new professional responsibility of architects, as required both in Europe and worldwide. The programme focuses on the core Architectural Design experience at various scales, both in theory and in practice. The educational offer makes it possible to characterize one’s study plan thanks to optional courses and to elective thematic and final Design Studios.



1st year

Architectural Design Studio, Urban Design Studio, Architectural Preservation Studio, Construction and Sustainability Design Studio, Contemporary Architectural Design Theory, History of Contemporary Architecture, Structural Design, Advanced Computational Design.


2nd year

Thematic Design Studio, Final Design Studio, Elective and Thematic Courses, Internship and Final Thesis.


Career opportunities

Graduates from the Architecture and Urban Design programme can carry out all activities pertaining to the profession of European architect and cover roles of responsibility in public and private institutions and bodies operating the city and land transformation fields.

Employment Statistics





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