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Engineering: Energy Engineering for an Environmentally Sustainable World (EN)

Politecnico di Milano

Postavljeno: 30.12.2011.

Master studije
Italija, Milano
4 semestra

Energy Engineering for an Environmentally Sustainable World (EN)

Nastava se odvija na engleskom jeziku. Za informacije na srpskom jeziku možete pisati na ivan.mangov@gmail.com

Campus: Piacenza

School: Ingegneria Industriale (4th School of Engineering)


Mission and Goals

The Master of Science programme in Energy Engineering for an Environmentally Sustainable World (EEE-SW) is taught in English and offers a broad overview of the various technical issues related to energy and the environment. This special programme aims to prepare technicians capable of following and actively directing technological advances, operating effectively in a competitive and multi-disciplinary industrial context.


Career Opportunities

Graduates find employment in numerous industrial sectors, including industries producing and distributing energy, thermal, thermal-electric, air-conditioning and refrigeration plant design and management companies, energy management in companies or bodies with production objectives which may be far-removed energy. A Master of Science Engineer has openings in research and development as well as in activities related to the feasibility study and design of large-scale plant, innovative processes and development of technologically advanced machines and components.


Programme duration: 2 years


For the academic year 2011-2012 prospective students can apply only for the 1st semester. This study course does not accept applications for the 2nd semester.

Programme courses


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