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Engineering: Engineering of Computing Systems (IT)

Politecnico di Milano

Postavljeno: 30.12.2011.

Master studije
Italija, Milano
4 semestra

Engineering of Computing Systems (IT)


Nastava se odvija na italijanskom jeziku. Za informacije na srpskom jeziku možete pisati na ivan.mangov@gmail.com

Campus: Milano Leonardo

School: Ingegneria dell'Informazione (5th School of Engineering)


Mission and goals
The programme has the objective of preparing engineers able to develop and use Information Technology tools with engineering sensitivity to deal with a wide range of applications. Compared to the Bachelor of Science, with the Master of Science the student acquires a greater ability to deal with complex problems which require a more significant ability to model reality and an adequate preparation to integrate different and sophisticated skills and technologies.

In Milan a specialisation in "Information Technology Systems and Applications" is available as well as a specific specialisation delivered entirely in English  (again called Engineering of Computing Systems). 


In Como Campus the programme is taught in English and foresees two specialisations: "Sound Engineering" and "Design and Information Technology Engineering for Communication".


Professional opportunities
The information technology engineer operates mainly in companies manufacturing and supplying IT equipment and systems and robotics, companies which develop products and services with a high IT content, private organisations and Public Administrations  using IT to plan, design, manage, decide, produce and administrate.


Programme duration: 2 years

Students already enrolled in this programme have these courses in their study plan.

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