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Engineering: Management Engineering (EN)

Politecnico di Milano

Master studije
Italija, Milano
4 semestra
Menadžment, Industrijsko inženjerstvo

Management Engineering (EN)

Nastava se odvija na engleskom jeziku. Za informacije na srpskom jeziku možete pisati na ivan.mangov@gmail.com

Campus: Como
School: Ingegneria dei Sistemi (2nd School of Engineering)

Mission and Goals
The aim of this Master of Science is to create the professional figure of the Management Engineer, enabling the student to explore his/her interests in depth through lectures and workshops, and to develop problem-solving skills within the framework of complex plans. In this perspective, the curriculum of the MSc in Management Engineering offers a wide range of courses relating to the engineering problems specific to business management in turbulent times and in global situations.

All of the M.Sc. in Management Engineering courses are taught in English.

Career Opportunities
A graduate in Management Engineering finds employment opportunities in a broad range of areas: with manufacturing and service companies, in financial institutions and government agencies and in consultancy.
More specifically, these include: planning technology and means of production, planning and management of production and logistic systems, strategic planning, purchasing, marketing, sales, management accounting and organisation, supply chain and internationalisation process management, market and corporate finance, management of large projects, ICT services, management of activities in regulated markets, etc.

Programme duration: 2 years

Students already enrolled in this programme have these courses in their study plan.

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