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Engineering: Mathematical Engineering (IT)

Politecnico di Milano

Master studije
Italija, Milano
4 semestra
Matematika, Industrijsko inženjerstvo

Mathematical Engineering (IT)

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CampusesMilano Leonardo

School: Ingegneria dei Sistemi (2nd School of Engineering)

Mission and goals
This programme has the objective of preparing professionals able to deal with issues relating to complex systems with an engineering mentality, harmonising a solid scientific background with a command of advanced methodologies e technologies. The programme is characterised by continuous synergy between Applied Mathematics and Engineering disciplines. The student has 3 specialisations available:

  • Computational Sciences for Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Financial Mathematics

Career opportunities
For the graduate, valid professional opportunities are represented by engineering companies specialised in handing complex computational problems; companies manufacturing industrial goods for which design analyses based on the use of advanced mathematical procedures are required; companies designing and/or managing complex civil engineering structures for which use of advanced mathematical procedures are again required; banks, insurance companies and financial institutions for statistical interpretation and simulation of scenarios concerning data processing in highly complex situations; public and private research institutes and laboratories.

Programme duration: 2 years

Students already enrolled in this programme have these courses in their study plan (select the track from the drop-down menu).

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