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Engineering: Nuclear Engineering (IT)

Politecnico di Milano

Master studije
Italija, Milano
4 semestra
Industrijsko inženjerstvo

Nuclear Engineering (IT)

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CampusesMilano Leonardo

School: Ingegneria dei Processi Industriali (3rd School of Engineering)

Mission and goals
The aim of the programme is to prepare engineers able to deal with complex problems both in the nuclear energy and non-energy sectors. The educational programme therefore emphasises both the strictly energy-related as well as non energy-related applications in nuclear engineering.
The programme is structured in such a way as to provide future nuclear engineers the skills to design, implement and operate power generation plants, radio-active waste treatment plants, systems using radiation for industrial and medical diagnostics, etc.

Career opportunities
The graduate in Nuclear Engineering, thanks to the multidisciplinary preparation provided, can easily be employed not only in the nuclear sector but also in other areas such as, for example, consultancy companies in the industrial energy or medical sectors, companies involved in the analysis of the safety and environmental impact of highly dangerous installations, research centres and universities.

Programme duration: 2 years

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