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School of Public Policy - RANEPA (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration)International Business

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Master studije
7500.00 EUR
4 semestra
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Internacional Business

International Master's Program International Business

The main focus of the International Master's Program in International Business is a combination of studying business disciplines in a global context and understanding the cultural and social processes in different countries. Graduates are prepared for managerial work, in which it is vital to understand the economic and cultural diversity of different players in real-world situations on the global market. In addition to a basic knowledge of finance, marketing, strategic management and communication theory, graduates will possess the ability to conduct market analysis, make decisions, and complete projects. They will also be able to understand the characteristics and nuances of other cultures, allowing them to work in different countries in a multinational, multicultural global context. Textbooks alone cannot teach this. The program allows students to study for one semester in our French partner-university as a part of the “Double Degree” Program, by which students can also receive a Master degree of Burgundy School of Business.


The mission of the International Master's Program in International Business is the formation of a force of professional managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders of a market-oriented economy who are entrepreneurial, ethical, competitive, and ready to work successfully in both national and global environments.



Internacional Business Features



Internacional Business


Tuition & Admission


The tuition fee covers the entire two-year program, including: visa support, on-campus housing, study materials, and a transfer from the airport to RANEPA.


Outstanding students may apply for and receive scholarships covering up to 50% of the tuition fee. Scholarships may be awarded to both Russian and foreign applicants. Scholarships are not given for individual program units, semesters or courses.


Admission requirements:

The Master of Science in International Business program is designed for students who hold a Bachelor’s degree and are fluent in English. Work experience is not required, however, considered an advantage, especially when applying for scholarships.


To apply for the program,  one has to submit an online application form. If the initial online form is approved, the applicant will be contacted by a program coordinator with a request for additional information and documents for the Admission Committee.


A list of additional documents that will be requested after the initial online application form is reviewed:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of official transcripts from each college/graduate school attended
  • Copy of TOEFL(IELTS) results (if any, for non-native English speakers)
  • Diploma
  • A motivation letter (in English, 1000-1200 words long) describing your reasons to join the program. Use this opportunity to tell about yourself, your motives to study at our Academy, your interest in specific courses, your ambitions, hopes, life experiences, and inspirations. Take your time on this assignment as it should be logical and narrative. Be open and reflective. Be confident and express yourself openly and honestly.
  • General medical examination results
  • HIV test results.

Admission to the program is based on:

  1. An English-language test (IELTS format) to access English proficiency. Students must display an upper intermediate level to qualify for the program. 
  2. An interview with an Admissions Committee. 



7500 USD per year

The price is fixed for the entire period of study.



School of Public Policy - RANEPA (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration)