Testovi znanja » Engleski jezik

Engleski jezik potiče iz Engleske, a kao maternji koristi se i u drugim državama Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva, SAD-u, Kanadi, Australiji, Južnoj Africi i brojnim drugim zemljama. Engleski je danas najrasprostranjeniji jezik koji se uči kao drugi jezik na svetu. Proverite svoje znanje iz engleskog jezika.

1. Tom doesn't mind ______ at night.

2. When he ___________ Jenny again, he will not recognise her.

3. This torch __________ every four years ____________ the ‘Olympic flame’.

4. Write the past continuous: Marie/scan/some documents

5. Look! A man is running after the bus. He _____ to catch it.

6. They ran out of the shop _____ for the goods

7. Nelly admitted _________ the room ________clean it.

8. The next train ___________ platform 2 will be the 5.35 to Leeds.

9. Last night Don suddenly became ill and we _____ call the doctor.

10. If I ___________ the minister of tourism, I would turn the country into a famous tourist destination. Unfortunately, I am not.

11. How much _____ to phone to London?

12. Sophie __ a meeting, I _____.

13. If I were in his position, _____ her a letter.

14. Grace and Dave __________ Berlin three times since they ___________.

15. What is _____thing you have ever done?