Testovi znanja » Engleski jezik

Engleski jezik potiče iz Engleske, a kao maternji koristi se i u drugim državama Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva, SAD-u, Kanadi, Australiji, Južnoj Africi i brojnim drugim zemljama. Engleski je danas najrasprostranjeniji jezik koji se uči kao drugi jezik na svetu. Proverite svoje znanje iz engleskog jezika.

1. _______ you explain what ______ by `facilities`?

2. The soup is very hot. It _____from the fire.

3. I refused __ money.

4. Look! A man is running after the bus. He _____ to catch it.

5. In a hotel, restaurants, pastry shops, bars and cocktail lounges are called _____.

6. Look at ________ sky. The stars are breathtaking, ___________?

7. She usually __________ newspapers, but today she ____________ to the radio.

8. The phone kept _____________, while the travel agent was busy ______________ an e-mail.

9. Write the past continuous: Fatima/download/a new program.

10. I’ll take three ladles of soup, because it smells ___________ .

11. The old lady wanted to know where ______________.

12. _____ at the party, we saw Ruth standing alone.

13. I'm hungry. There isn't ________ food in the fridge.

14. A room that has two separate beds for two people is called a ___________ .

15. I think it is Peter in the kitchen, and he ________________ pizza for dinner.