Testovi znanja » Engleski jezik

Engleski jezik potiče iz Engleske, a kao maternji koristi se i u drugim državama Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva, SAD-u, Kanadi, Australiji, Južnoj Africi i brojnim drugim zemljama. Engleski je danas najrasprostranjeniji jezik koji se uči kao drugi jezik na svetu. Proverite svoje znanje iz engleskog jezika.

1. Libby took another biscuit while her mother _______ .

2. As it was late, we decided _____ a taxi home.

3. __________ is very alarming.

4. Would you mind ________________ the window?

5. Is there _______ in your coffee?

6. Could you give me ___ about sightseeing in Dublin?

7. There is some tea in the kitchen, but there isn’t _____ milk left.

8. If they had realised how tiring it would be, they ______ other sightseeing arrangements.

9. ___ way to get around in Amsterdam is ___ bicycle.

10. A beef steak can be grilled till it is _____, medium or well-done.

11. Ina is very bad ______ writing letters.

12. The new computer system _____ next month.

13. We are writing _____ report on Peru and we are looking for _____.

14. In a hotel, restaurants, pastry shops, bars and cocktail lounges are called _____.

15. Write the past continuous: I/go/to work at seven o'clock