InnoCentive is where organizations turn to solve problems that matter. We help companies innovate better, to find the fastest path to solutions. Novel ideas and new approaches are crucial if a company is to survive and thrive.

IC For Seekers: Building Innovation Power

InnoCentive's expertise is in Open Innovation (OI). Our team can work with you to accelerate your quest for new solutions by building a more collaborative approach to problem solving.  Don't limit innovation to your employees. Expand your innovation horizon by using InnoCentive's Global Solver Network and our many dynamic services and products.

You'll quickly see that breakthrough solutions can come from anywhere.

IC For Solvers: Wanted, Open Minds

If you love challenges and finding solutions that will have a real impact on the world, join InnoCentive's Global Solver Network. Solvers are creative, thoughtful and highly educated individuals with varied backgrounds and work experience. Sound interesting? You get to choose when to work and what Challenges to work on. Successful Solvers win cash awards, recognition and the satisfaction of helping to make the world a better place.

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